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Xmas campaign creative strategy   

JBL tasked me to create a Christmas/New Year's campaign with the theme " the uninhibited".

Gen Z’s are more attracted to non-conformists and people willing to stand out of the crowd. I created a campaign to show their target audience that the brand is aligned with what matters to young people today.

Love Xmas your way: The red thread throughout the campaign was to show JBL is creating space for young people to express who they are. They choose their own story and put themselves out there 




Concept 1

​We created a reel and stills showing the different types of personalities and how they arrive at an NYE party, with their headphones or speakers for those wanting to be seen and heard. From the rockin’ roller, the techno head, the hip-hopper and more, music help us arrive in style and ready to party.

Concept 2 

We created a series of Christmas assets showcasing this Christmas season’s icons and the different ways people choose not to conform to Christmas traditions and add their own unique take on things. Whether that is not conforming to Christmas dress codes, or switching up the Christmas playlist and menu.

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