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Brand strategy  

Taco Bell partnered with OK COOL to relaunch the brand in the UK taking it from unrelatable to culturally cool. As the creative on the client group, my job was to create content for the brand from concept to execution. 

We translated Taco Bell’s brand strategy from “fast food first” to “culture-centric”, landing them square in the middle of music, pop culture delivered with a distinctly British sense of humour.

Secondly, we operationalised them in the rules of culture: Rewriting their social strategy to move the brand from new market entrants to significantly outstripping competitive benchmarks, all while holding ourselves to footfall metrics (not just social engagement).

Image from iOS (6).jpg


The strategy resonated with the UK audience. Social engagement increased by 700% as consumers shared our creativity through UGC across Instagram and TikTok.

 Footfall into stores grew by 61%.

I contributed to grow their Instagram followers from 4k followers to 42k and TikTok to 7k followers.

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