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Brand strategy  


Don Papa Rum partnered with OK COOL agency to define the brand mission on social media in 2022 and beyond as well as make the brand's social channels culturally relevant and tell the brand's story to attract new audiences. As the creative strategist for this client, my job was to create a strategy that aligned with the brand's goals and priorities and then create content ideas for the brand from concept to execution. 

Through our strategy and new content, we are aimed to attract a global community of rum lovers who align with Don Papa’s identity.

We understood who Don Papa's target audience is and what they love all we had to do was give them what they want. Which is to be entertained, educated, inspired and dying for a drink!

 We did this through three content pillars

spirit of independence: Showcasing the story of Don Papa Rum

Like the Don: Conversations with movers and shakers

Discover the Don: Showing the community the many ways to enjoy Don Papa rum

Secondly, we operationalised them in the rules of culture: Rewriting their social strategy to move the brand from new market entrants to significantly outstripping competitive benchmarks, all while holding ourselves to footfall metrics (not just social engagement).

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